First Music Monday of 2016, I enjoy these posts because they are quick and easy but I feel they are useful, I love reading posts just like these on other blogs, so here we go!

Shawn Mendes – Stitches & I Know What You Did Last Summer

Shawn Mendes Album

It is rare that I recommend something that is brand new to the music scene, but I’m a slow learner and it takes me time to become obsessed with artists, Shawn’s voice is something I really enjoy and I love these two songs in particular. I have not listened to anything else from him just yet but I can tell I won’t be disappointed.

Selena Gomez – Hands To Myself


Selena is kween right now in my opinion, she just slays. I have always been a fan of her music but recognised that it would not gain her worldwide fame as it was always a bit Disney, but the new album is amazing and while Selena probably won’t win any Grammy’s for her voice, her songs are catchy and great, you have to give her credit for that.

G-Eazy – Me, Myself & I

G Eazy

Was introduced to G-Eazy by a friend over the summer and did not really get into him in an obsessive way until recently, I’m loving his style and just enjoy the music overall!

Fall Out Boy & Demi Lovato – Irresistible 


I love Demi Lovato and I love Fall Out Boy, is there anything else that needs to be said? Originally when I first heard this song I wasn’t 100% that I liked Demi’s voice with Fall Out Boy but after a few plays I was hooked and knew I loved this song!

Thanks for reading,

Slán 🙂


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