I was tagged by the lovely Caitríona over at Make Up Don’t Fake Up, who happens to be one of my best friends, to do the I Love Autumn Tag. Now if you know me personally you know I absolutely love Autumn. My birthday is in October, Halloween is my favourite holiday (aside from Christmas of course), horror films are some of my favourite and I love Autumn fashion.

This post as Caitríona described it is a mixture between a list of the best things about Autumn and a mini ‘Get To Know Me’ so I am super excited to answer these questions.

  1. 1. Favourite Autumn Lip Product

My favourite Autumn lip product is a tie between Hang Up by MAC and number 04 by Kate Moss for Rimmel. One is a burgundy red shade and the other is a deep purple, both the perfect shades in my opinion for the season.

MAC Hang Up

Photo By: Unknown, Google

Kate Moss Number Four

Photo By: Unknown, Google

2. Favourite Autumn Nail Colour

I have only recently grown my nails out enough to begin painting them and enjoying it so I don’t have a favourite shade by a certain brand just yet but I am a lover of black nail polish and I think another perfect colour for Autumn would be a deep red or orange. You can never go wrong with neutral colours either. This Essie polish in Burnt Orange is the perfect example of a wearable orange shade.

Essie Burnt Orange

Photo By: Unknown, Amazon

3. Favourite Autumn Drink

I am a lover all of things tea and coffee. You can never go wrong with a classic cup of tea in the colder Autumn evenings. I also love green tea, white tea, camomile tea, peppermint tea. Basically any tea, hot or cold. I am also a generic girl and love a Pumpkin Spice Latte when they are released each Autumn. Other than that I am a fan of any variation of the Macchiato.


Photo by: Jade Flynn

4. Favourite Autumn Candle

While I don’t have one particular candle I burn every Autumn, I do tend to gravitate towards the Autumn scents, Spiced Orange by Yankee Candle is a good option, but really I  enjoy anything with an orange, cinnamon or pumpkin scent.

Spiced Orange Yankee

Photo By: Unknown, Amazon

5. Favourite Autumn MakeUp Look

Like with my favourite Autumn lip colour, I am a huge fan of the dark burgundy lip, usually with a sparkly eye, some winged liner, intense lashes and nice glow from a subtle highlight.

6. Favourite Autumn Accessory 

Again, I do not have one accessory I favour over others during the Autumn season, but you can never go wrong with a good hat or scarf, I particularly like large tartan scarves that you can wrap yourself in and stay warm and toasty.

7. Favourite Halloween Movie

So many of my answers are similar to Caitríona’s, maybe that’s why we are friends! Halloweentown has always and will always be my favourite movie for Halloween/Autumn. I watch all of them on Halloween every year, in a marathon style. I also love Hocus Pocus and any good horror films.

Photo: Buzzfeed

Photo: Buzzfeed

Photo: Disney Wikia

Photo: Disney Wikia

8. Favourite Halloween Sweets

I am also a sucker for toffee popcorn, monkey nuts and Halloween themed lollypops.

toffee popcorn

Photo: tasteofhome.com

monkey nuts

Photo: Huffington Post

9. What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

Honestly? I have no idea just yet. I haven’t dressed up in a few years regrettably and I hope to change that this year. I may go with a book character or many something related to Ancient Greece/Rome.

10. Favourite Thing About Autumn?

I love everything about Autumn. The style, the food, the weather, my birthday, Halloween. The options are endless. Autumn is just such a good season for me, it is when I find myself happiest, even with the stresses of college piling on. I cannot wait for October!

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

Hope you enjoyed this insight into all things Autumn and me! I really enjoyed writing this, it made me excited for the upcoming months. I tag anyone reading this to take a shot at this and think about what it is you love about Autumn and why!

Slán 🙂


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