Hey guys!

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I have seem a couple of variations of this style of post, I tried to do monthly favourites but found I never stuck to it and trying to get it posted directly after the month ends was always stressful, for me at least. I decided to do ‘current favourites’ every few weeks, possibly at the beginning of a new month, maybe halfway through the month.


As I have been in Berlin over the summer I have not been buying as many beauty/skin care products while here, instead I have been using up what I brought with me to save on space and lessen the baggage weight when it comes time to travel home.

Something I have had an on going obsession with is the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, it is a staple in my everyday skin care routine. I love to use it after a workout to clean up my face and stop sweat seeping into my pores and of course I use it to remove excess makeup from the face in the evenings. I have a review of this product on my blog which you can check out here!


Entertainment is a category that will include television, film and music. I have been loving so many different forms of entertainment that I feel it is important to give each section it’s own favourite.

Television: Currently I am obsessed with Brooklyn Nine Nine. I recently started watching it on Netlix and I love it! The episodes are short and sweet, they keep me interested and it is refreshing for a ‘police show’ to be lighter on subjects and not a drama.

Film: I recently went to see Magic Mike XXL here in Berlin and I could not recommend it enough. While it is not an overly compelling storyline, it is a fun movie with some gorgeous men and good music!

Music: I have been loving multiple artists lately. The Weeknd is a recent (summer) obsession, my best friend who I am living with loves him so it has rubbed off on me. I also have been loving Florida Georgie Line, Hunter Hayes and Niykee Heaton. I am always trying to find new content to listen to but I find myself sticking with the same musicians once I find myself obsessed.


The location I have been loving lately is right here in Berlin. I live by a river and I have found a new love for sitting by the lake listening to some music and blocking out the rest of the world.


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