I have kept my promise to upload these Music Monday posts if not every week but every two weeks. I find it’s more accurate to my tastes to wait two weeks, I definitely do not discover new music to be obsessed with every week. While all these songs are definitely not brand new, they are what I have been listening to most this past week and a half. I enjoy these quick posts that don’t take any time at all to post!

1. All About You – Hilary Duff

All About You - H Duff

It is safe to say I am obsessed with Hilary Duff, I have been since I could remember and her new songs (I know this is not new, but it is new compared to her older albums) in the past year have been incredible. I am just getting around to listening to her album but have been obsessed with this single from last year this past week.

2. Throne – Bring Me The Horizon

Throne - BMTH

Another Bring Me The Horizon song this week, they are a band that in my opinion gets better and better with each new release, their last album and the current singles from the upcoming album are my favourites, I love their style and how their sound is progressing throughout their career.

3. Good Thing – Sage The Gemini ft Nick Jonas

Good Thing

Anything Nick Jonas is connected with this year I love, his own album is incredible and this song is just as good. It is such a catchy song, I find myself singing along constantly throughout the day even when it is not currently playing. Definitely give it a try and if you have not listened to any of Nick Jonas’ releases since the Jonas Brothers – please do, he is an amazing creator!

4. Ain’t No Us – Niykee Heaton

Aint No Us

Niykee Heaton is QUEEN. This girl is my constant crush, body inspiration and I listen to her stuff everyday. Her songs are addictive, her voice is amazing and her snapchat is even better! I look forward to her super long snapchat stories most days, she’s just an all around amazing gal!

5. Bitch Better Have My Money – Rihanna

Bitch Better Have My Money

This needs no explanation. So good.

6. 21 – Hunter Hayes

21 hunter

I cannot write a Music Monday post without a bit of country, you can probably tell by now I have a strange taste in music, I love having a mixture of every genre in my everyday life and this song is a brand new obsession of mine. Hunter Hayes is definitely one of my favourite ‘new country’ artists, I saw new because many people say that country nowadays is more pop orientated, I think it is all country in my opinion but I love love this song.

I am enjoying writing these quick posts, I have been in a bit of a life slump lately, have no motivation for anything at all really. Hoping to knock myself out of the slump soon enough and be back to my old self!

Slán 🙂


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