Music Monday, something I tried to start a few months ago that I did not keep up with, well what’s new. I really am trying to keep up with it this time and to help me stay on track I will be starting with it only every two weeks, for now. I found it difficult to have new content every Monday so I gave up, at least if it’s two weeks in between posts I have some time to find some songs/albums to recommend.

1. Happy Song – Bring Me The Horizon

Happy Song

Just listen to it. They just continue to get better album after album. So so good.

2. Can’t Feel My Face – The Weeknd

Can't Feel My Face

I have been obsessed with The Weeknd lately, my friend that I am spending the summer with really loves his music which has been passed onto me, he has such an amazing voice and I find him reminding me of Michael Jackson at certain points, especially in this song. More favourites of mind by him are The Hills, Wicked Games, Earned It and Live For because, Drake.

3. Cool For The Summer – Demi Lovato

Cool For The Summer

Ask anyone who knows me, Demi Lovato is my queen. I was super excited when I heard the teasers for this song and when it was finally released it did not disappoint. I think it’s a perfect summer song, so there is plenty of time to blast this on a hot day. Of course it is not the most vocally challenging song Demi has ever released but it is catchy and fun which is the direction she seems to be heading in with her music and I love it!

4. Good For You – Selena Gomez ft. A$AP Rocky

Good For You

A song that I wasn’t too sure on my feelings towards it in the beginning. It has definitely grown on me and I enjoy listening to this, have had it on repeat multiple times this summer.

5. Talking Body – Tove Lo

Talking Body

Not a new track but that does not stop me from being obsessed with this song, her voice is incredible and I find myself liking her more and more each day, it is super catchy and my ears love it, it is great to sing along to.

6. This Is How We Roll – Florida Georgia Line

This is How We Roll

For my final recommendation of this Music Monday I felt it was important to include one of my most love genres, country. While this is a pop country track, it still has a strong country element in my opinion and it is so catchy. Catchy seems to be a recurring theme in my song choices this week, I love most of their songs and the ones that I don’t love yet just haven’t grown on me left, again they are perfect for summer playing!

Hope you enjoyed this quick post on my favourite songs at the moment, I will try and stay on track with these every two weeks and have some new tracks to recommend each post. As always, if you have any requests, suggestions for future posts, please leave a comment and let me know, I am always open for new ideas and concepts.

Slán 🙂


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