If you didn’t enjoy/read the original Fifty Shades series, you disagree with it etc, don’t bother ranting to me about how bad it is or whatever else, I enjoy the books and you won’t change my opinion. Just a little disclaimer.

When I heard (late in the game) that the first book in the series was being released in Christian’s point of view I was ecstatic. The thoughts of Christian Grey are something that baffled me throughout the original trilogy. We were given snippets of his mind but nothing solid enough for me to really understand him as a character, so this was the perfect opportunity to learn more about him and read the story from his side, which was very interesting.

Throughout the first book with Ana as our protagonist we see Christian being secretive/mysterious about certain aspects of his life and business, but with Christian as the protagonist in this book the readers could enjoy the story they loved the first time around, but with everything they ever questioned or wondered about, explained by the man himself.

I won’t go into too much detail in case by some miracle you don’t know what happens in the books/film but it was nice to see the moments that Ana could only wonder about from Christian’s eyes. I also loved the extra interaction between Christian and his siblings Elliot and Mia, especially the one cute scene with a baby Mia, so adorable!

As I always say when talking about this series, if you don’t like sex in books, don’t read these. Like before, sometimes I find all the sex excessive and I sometimes skip over certain scenes, I read them in Fifty Shades, don’t need to read them again in Grey.

I also enjoyed the interaction with Christian and his staff, we don’t see too much in the original books, we know he appreciates Gail and Taylor but seeing Gail show her obvious concern and emotions towards Christian was really endearing. I felt like the readers got to understand his relationship with Andrea and Ros some more, showing Andrea cares for her boss and Ros, well Ros, she’s a great addition.

Overall I enjoyed the book, it was a nice insight into Christian, his feelings towards Ana and how he interacts with the people around him. Thankfully, E.L. James has confirmed she will be writing Fifty Shades Darker from Christian’s point of view as well, which I am really happy about because after getting a little bit of his POV, I certainly want to read the remaining two in his point of view as well.

You can purchase Grey online at Amazon (US & UK) or from the Book Depository 

Hope you enjoyed this review, hopefully there will be many to come!

You can also find me on Goodreads, to keep up with what I’m reading and mini reviews as I won’t be reviewing every book I read on here!

Slán! 🙂


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