I have always enjoyed Katie McGarry’s books and would recommend them to anyone I know that enjoys reading the same genre as me. While the others I have read from her have been in the same series, when I found out she was writing a book about a motorcycle club, I was over the moon.

Anyone who knows me knows that Sons of Anarchy is one of my all time favourite shows, ever. So since that has finished airing I have been enjoying some motorcycle club romance novels, it is not the same but it holds me over without my beloved Jax Teller.

It has been described as ‘West Side Story meets Sons of Anarchy’ and I loved the comparison, if you’re looking for an interesting read with a dual perspective and a hot ‘bad boy’ (although I have a soft spot for Oz and see him more good than bad) then you need to give this a try.

The synopsis states that Emily, a seventeen year old girl, likes her life as it is but has always wondered why her father chose the life of a motorcycle club above being her parent. Unexpectedly she is brought back to where she was born, where her father lives and is thrown into his world, even if she doesn’t want to be.

Oz, our other main character wants one thing in life, to be a Reign of Terror (Emily’s father’s club) member, it is all he has wanted in life and Emily rolling into town out of nowhere, threatens that, causing an immediate dislike from him towards her.

What I liked:

I liked a lot so prepare yourself. I liked that it had a Sons of Anarchy feel without imitating it, it wasn’t as hardcore and brutal as the show, not at all, which was a nice change, I wish we had more moments like that throughout the show. It shows elements of the ‘club life’ which I enjoyed reading more about as they really have interested me since I began looking into this way of life.

I liked the dual perspective, which is rare for me, most often I prefer just one point of view, whether it is the male of the female, but with this story I was elated that we got both as it helped keep the story interesting me. There were points where Emily was slightly irritating to me so that meant that having a break with an Oz POV extremely helped me.

I also enjoyed the sense of mystery around the family history and Emily’s previous life in Snowflake, Kentucky and what exactly her mother was running from. I figured out the plot twist a little bit before but it was really interesting to see the road Katie took with that, I thought it was extremely clever, and it definitely cleared up Emily’s mother’s fears.

What I disliked:

Not too much really, I just wish we had more of the story dedicated to the happier moments with Emily and Oz rather than tons of angst, but nonetheless I enjoyed the story.

I wish it was longer, serious dislike here but what can I do.

The great thing about wanting more of this story and life is that this book is the first in a new series by Katie McGarry, so while the next few books won’t be focused on Emily and Oz, we are sure to have little snippets of them and updates on what is going on with their story, Katie has a way of fitting everything together and making connections to older characters in newer books, something I love about how she writes her series.

So first things first, I gave this five stars on Goodreads and I know some people will say it does not deserve it because it isn’t a magnificent piece of literature that will change the world, which may be true, but that is not how I rate my books. If I thoroughly enjoy a book start to finish, it keeps me engaged, I love the romance elements and everything in between, I will rate it high, because let’s be honest, not every single book can be a piece of literature magic. If you enjoy Sons of Anarchy and want something of that style only a lot less dramatic and tense, then I would say give Nowhere But Here a try, I cannot wait for the next in the series which will be Razor’s story, a character I am very interested in after this instalment.

If you want to know more about the book including other reviews you can check it out here – on Goodreads and if you would like to go about purchasing it you can find it on Amazon (US & UK) and also my favourite the Book Depository!

Thanks for reading,

Slán 🙂


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