Music Mondays

I decided to try and kickstart consistent posting (again) and what better way to start than with a post that I can guarantee EVERY week, I listen to music non stop and I am constantly looking for new artists/songs to listen to, this as the title implies, will be posted every Monday and will consist of the music I have listened to most over the past week.


1. American Beauty/American Psycho – Fall Out Boy


This is by far my most played album in the past week, I had only listened to the singles from this albums as they were released and never actually listened to it in its entirety and I totally regret leaving it so late, this album is insane, I feel like Fall Out Boy just get better and better with each album they release. My favourite songs include Immortals, Favorite Record, Jet Pack Blues and Centuries. You can find the album here or listen to it on Spotify which is what I have been doing.

That was the only album I listened to in entirety this past week but I did have some amazing songs on replay throughout the week.


1. Ex To See – Sam Hunt

sam hunt

This song has this beat to it that I can’t help but sing and dance along to and the subject matter itself is pretty funny, the title which is included is definitely a play on words, of that is how I picked it up Ex To See (meaning the obvious) but when it is said throughout the song it is sped up and I picked it up as ecstasy, not as in the drug but that’s what it sounded to me!

2. Work Song – Hozier


I first heard this song in the trailer for The Longest Ride, listened to it a bit but it has recently been played more on Irish radio as I believe it is his latest single released here, either way I am not complaining, this song is incredible.

3. Get Me Some Of That – Thomas Rhett


Some more country, because you can never have too much country. I came across this song on Spotify Radio, love the tune and the lyrics, feels like a summer song to me and I know I’ll be playing this throughout the summer!

4. Warriors – Imagine Dragons


I have been an Imagine Dragons fan for years at this point and when I heard this song I was not disappointed, it is their sound amplified into something better, it’s such an epic song in my opinion. I first heard this on an advertisement for the TV show Vikings and it fits so well with the show itself, it’s a perfect song for working out as well I have found!

Hopefully you guys enjoyed this post and I hope to continue them in the future, I also hope to get into a posting routine, I’m almost finished for the summer so hopefully I’ll be able to get into a routine when I’m not more focused on school!

Slán 🙂


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