While I am not currently a Vegan, if I can make a meal vegan I will and I am actively working on making more vegan choices available to myself. This soup is my first creation and it tastes amazing! I made a large batch and froze some for later on and think it is an amazing lunch or dinner as it is very filling.


2 smal sweet potatoes

1/2 red pepper & 1/2 yellow pepper

5 small mushrooms

1 small onion

3 small carrots

4 tomatoes/ tin of tomatoes

Choice of lentils

Spices: garlic powder, tumeric, cumin, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, thyme, oregano, coriander, cajun and also Slap Ya Mama.



First I peeled the sweet potatoes and carrots, chopped up the bell peppers, mushrooms and onion. I popped it all into a large pot and covered the mixture in water.

I put the lentils in a separate pot and again, did not measure them but covered them in water and left them to cook away. About 15 minutes in I realised I had not added tomatoes so added them then, but add them whenever, just trying to be real here.

I left the soup for around 30-35 minutes, the important thing is to make sure all ingredients are soft as this helps the blending process. Once the ingredients were completely soft I removed the majority of the water and set aside.

I then took my hand blended and proceeded to blend all the vegetables until smooth, I added some of the water back to the mixture for some volume.

Next I added my spices, I never measure my spices, I have just learned to cook by taste and I usually know by looking how much of each spice I need, I always add a large amount of cumin when cooking with tomatoes, I just find it works. I also add some Slap Ya Mama cajun seasoning that my aunt’s friend brought me home from the States, use sparingly as it is quite spicy.

Once I have mixed all my spices I then add in my lentils and allow the mixture to simmer for a further 10 or so minutes. I ate it with a bagel that I topped with the Pure Sunflower Spread, vegan all round! It was so so tasty and I hope you try it soon, I find soup great for any meal and thicker it is, the better.

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 16.43.14

Thanks for reading and let me know if you try out the recipe.

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Slán 🙂


First Music Monday of 2016, I enjoy these posts because they are quick and easy but I feel they are useful, I love reading posts just like these on other blogs, so here we go!

Shawn Mendes – Stitches & I Know What You Did Last Summer

Shawn Mendes Album

It is rare that I recommend something that is brand new to the music scene, but I’m a slow learner and it takes me time to become obsessed with artists, Shawn’s voice is something I really enjoy and I love these two songs in particular. I have not listened to anything else from him just yet but I can tell I won’t be disappointed.

Selena Gomez – Hands To Myself


Selena is kween right now in my opinion, she just slays. I have always been a fan of her music but recognised that it would not gain her worldwide fame as it was always a bit Disney, but the new album is amazing and while Selena probably won’t win any Grammy’s for her voice, her songs are catchy and great, you have to give her credit for that.

G-Eazy – Me, Myself & I

G Eazy

Was introduced to G-Eazy by a friend over the summer and did not really get into him in an obsessive way until recently, I’m loving his style and just enjoy the music overall!

Fall Out Boy & Demi Lovato – Irresistible 


I love Demi Lovato and I love Fall Out Boy, is there anything else that needs to be said? Originally when I first heard this song I wasn’t 100% that I liked Demi’s voice with Fall Out Boy but after a few plays I was hooked and knew I loved this song!

Thanks for reading,

Slán 🙂


I’m not a firm believer in New Years Resolutions, every year I make them and fail after a day so I try not to stretch myself or kid myself anymore, I’m done being overly optimistic. At twenty-one I clearly have a lot of growing to do as a person but I’m fairly certain I know the person I am currently pretty well and picking out a list of specific resolutions and goals is not the way to motivate me as a person.

Instead of my usual route, I am going to set myself some broad goals, nothing too strenuous, just enough to push me to do better.

Keep up to date with podcasts (or one in particular)

During the summer I was introduced to Guys We Fucked and I truly believe this podcast has changed me as a person, but I am terrible for allowing life to get in the way of the things I enjoy post and I constantly fall behind on the new episodes of the podcast and while letting them build up can be enjoyable, I’d prefer not to be overwhelmed all the time. I would also really like to discover some new podcasts.

Buy a planner and use it

I’m a stationery lover and a hoarder if I’m being honest with myself. Last year I spend $50 on a planner that I used for two months and then gave up on, this year I am being more realistic and buying something cheaper but just as cute, to keep me motivated. In the final months of 2015 I started a new job so I now have to manage my social life, college and work life together better, the planner is essential to this. I need to make lists and I need to have plans set in stone or I get hella stressed so this is perfect for me.

Be healthier (or try to be)

Again, every year I set the same goal as 99% of the world. Go to the gym this many times a week, lose this much weight yada yada yada, and I always give up. So this year, having learned from previous mistakes, I am just setting myself a simple goal, try to make healthier choices every day. Start by working out at least three times a week, nothing crazy. If I set myself a crazy schedule I will again be overwhelmed and give up when I don’t look like Khloe Kardashian after two weeks. Also I want to attempt to start lifting some weights maybe??

Try harder for my final semester

I am dreading my final semester in college, as it closes a chapter in my life and pushes me to make changes and start a new life essentially, in my final semester I want to make a better effort with my work and grade, why not finish with a bang? Who knows what 2016 will bring for me, but I am excited to find out!

Hope you all have had a great 2015, and if not, here’s to a new year!

Slán 🙂




About two weeks ago I watched Vegucated on Netflix and it is safe to say it broke my heart. I found myself sobbing in my bed at 02:30am and thinking do I really need to eat meat? I am the only person in my family who does not eat meat and I do not find it overly difficult.

Of course there are some foods that remind me of good times that I will miss eating but it is all about finding vegetarian substitutes for these foods and availing of the growing vegetarian/vegan market. I have thought of going fully vegan and just do not think that it is for me now. I rarely drink milk as it is, preferring soy and almond milk but I do eat a fair bit of cheese and yogurt and I also still eat some fish.

I don’t think it is fair of others to judge vegetarians/pescatarians on their diets, saying they do it ‘wrong’. I am doing what is working for me and I am not eating meat, isn’t that what is important? On this vegetarian journey I have begun experimenting with foods and my first trial was on a bolognese, one of my favourites and most loved meals.

How I do it:

I make all my own pasta sauces, there is so much unnecessary sugars added to store bought sauces that it works out cheaper and healthier to just make my own.



I add all this to a pot and let it cook away on the stove and I add spices to taste, no certain measurements. I usually use oregano, thyme, cumin, turmeric, garlic, cajun, paprika to name a few and I come out with a sauce that tastes just as good, if not better than a store bought one.


Obviously as a vegetarian I needed something to replace the mince, I used Quorn Mince which I purchased from Dunnes Stores for about €2.49. With this I made enough for myself with a large amount leftover that I will use to make burritos with.


I cooked it in a pot with some olive oil until it resembled a normal cooked mince consistency, it took about 8 minutes but I then added it to the sauce and left it for another maybe 8 minutes to cook further.


It looks so like a normal bolognese it is quite scary and while of course it does not taste exactly like mince, it tastes great in my opinion and I did not feel disappointed at all. I paired it with pasta, some garlic bread and sprinkled some parmesan on top.


How yummy does that look?

While I have become a vegetarian on a moral basis, it is a great way for me to get back into healthy eating and of course I do not eat meat replacement products everyday, I love a good vegetable stir fry also. You guys should definitely try it out, even just to taste what it is like to not eat meat. You do not have to be a fully committed vegan to make a difference in animals lives!

I hope to have more recipes in the future, I love playing around with food and discovering new healthy things to share with others. Hope you enjoyed!

Slán 🙂




Sometimes life hits you in the face and prevents you from keeping up with things you should, I’m sorry. New job, personal problems, what can you do, it happens. That is all.

  1. Delirium (Deluxe) – Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding - Delirium

MY GOD. This album. I was not at all anticipating this, had no clue she was releasing anything new. It showed up on my Spotify homepage recently and I decided I would listen, especially since I had been so impressed with her last two singles. It is incredible. I have not come across a song I don’t like yet, surprisingly, I always do. Really really recommend this, her voice is so nice to listen to and she has a nice mixture of song styles on the album. My current favourite is Around U.

2.  Should’ve Been Us (Remix) – Tori Kelly


I know I know, old news right? Well I have been absent for a few weeks so bare with me. I first heard this song, well a snippet, on a Youtuber’s video and fell in love and searched until I found the exact song. How had I not known about this song sooner? It’s kind of slower but when the chorus hits, it picks up so quick and her voice is incredible, she does not disappoint at all.

3. Hello – Adele


Ummm hello?? Welcome back Adele, this song is beautiful. It’s written about a sad subject but there is something so positive and uplifting about this song. It does help that it was realised around a time I was going through something crappy in my personal life. Adele has a way of helping me through my emotional breakdowns. As usual her voice is amazing, beautiful, incredible, how else can I describe it and the video, hello Tristan Wilds.

4. King – Niykee Heaton


I’m waiting for Niykee to release a song I do not like? I doubt that will ever happen. This song is even better than the last, in my opinion she continues to get better and better. Although it is on the slower side compared to some of her others, it just gives you a chance to actually listen to her great vocals. To the people who say she can’t sing? Psssh please.

5. Strange Love – Halsey


As you can tell from previous posts, I have been obsessed with Halsey for a while and this album did not stop that. I feel like my favourites change everyday but this is my current favourite along with Hold Me Down. What can I say, Halsey is bae. Go listen.

Thanks for reading.

Slán 🙂


Another instalment in Music Monday is here!

This week I’ll be including mostly songs that are not brand new on the scene, but amazing in my eyes none the less.

1. Do It Again – Pia Mia ft Tyga & Chris Brown

Do It Again

I was introduced to this song by a friend at the beginning of the summer, it was a song we kept coming back to throughout our entire summer in Berlin and ever since getting home I’ve been even more obsessed!

2. After Midnight – Dorothy


I can’t explain why I love this song, it’s just been a favourite of mine for the past two weeks and it came out of nowhere for me. Really recommend this, her voice is just amazing.

3. Confident – Demi Lovato


I have been anticipating this song for SO long and Demi did not disappoint, like always. I am loving her more adult sound and find her songs extremely catchy and fun! I’m constantly catching myself bopping along to them while commuting to college on the bus!

4. Blasphemy – Bring Me The Horizon

thats the spirit

Another album I was anticipating and they did not disappoint! My favourite changes daily but my current and longest favourite is definitely Blasphemy, I am really enjoying the direction they are taking their music and think this is one of the best tracks on the album!

Another quick Monday post! Happy reading!

Slán 🙂


I was tagged by the lovely Caitríona over at Make Up Don’t Fake Up, who happens to be one of my best friends, to do the I Love Autumn Tag. Now if you know me personally you know I absolutely love Autumn. My birthday is in October, Halloween is my favourite holiday (aside from Christmas of course), horror films are some of my favourite and I love Autumn fashion.

This post as Caitríona described it is a mixture between a list of the best things about Autumn and a mini ‘Get To Know Me’ so I am super excited to answer these questions.

  1. 1. Favourite Autumn Lip Product

My favourite Autumn lip product is a tie between Hang Up by MAC and number 04 by Kate Moss for Rimmel. One is a burgundy red shade and the other is a deep purple, both the perfect shades in my opinion for the season.

MAC Hang Up

Photo By: Unknown, Google

Kate Moss Number Four

Photo By: Unknown, Google

2. Favourite Autumn Nail Colour

I have only recently grown my nails out enough to begin painting them and enjoying it so I don’t have a favourite shade by a certain brand just yet but I am a lover of black nail polish and I think another perfect colour for Autumn would be a deep red or orange. You can never go wrong with neutral colours either. This Essie polish in Burnt Orange is the perfect example of a wearable orange shade.

Essie Burnt Orange

Photo By: Unknown, Amazon

3. Favourite Autumn Drink

I am a lover all of things tea and coffee. You can never go wrong with a classic cup of tea in the colder Autumn evenings. I also love green tea, white tea, camomile tea, peppermint tea. Basically any tea, hot or cold. I am also a generic girl and love a Pumpkin Spice Latte when they are released each Autumn. Other than that I am a fan of any variation of the Macchiato.


Photo by: Jade Flynn

4. Favourite Autumn Candle

While I don’t have one particular candle I burn every Autumn, I do tend to gravitate towards the Autumn scents, Spiced Orange by Yankee Candle is a good option, but really I  enjoy anything with an orange, cinnamon or pumpkin scent.

Spiced Orange Yankee

Photo By: Unknown, Amazon

5. Favourite Autumn MakeUp Look

Like with my favourite Autumn lip colour, I am a huge fan of the dark burgundy lip, usually with a sparkly eye, some winged liner, intense lashes and nice glow from a subtle highlight.

6. Favourite Autumn Accessory 

Again, I do not have one accessory I favour over others during the Autumn season, but you can never go wrong with a good hat or scarf, I particularly like large tartan scarves that you can wrap yourself in and stay warm and toasty.

7. Favourite Halloween Movie

So many of my answers are similar to Caitríona’s, maybe that’s why we are friends! Halloweentown has always and will always be my favourite movie for Halloween/Autumn. I watch all of them on Halloween every year, in a marathon style. I also love Hocus Pocus and any good horror films.

Photo: Buzzfeed

Photo: Buzzfeed

Photo: Disney Wikia

Photo: Disney Wikia

8. Favourite Halloween Sweets

I am also a sucker for toffee popcorn, monkey nuts and Halloween themed lollypops.

toffee popcorn


monkey nuts

Photo: Huffington Post

9. What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

Honestly? I have no idea just yet. I haven’t dressed up in a few years regrettably and I hope to change that this year. I may go with a book character or many something related to Ancient Greece/Rome.

10. Favourite Thing About Autumn?

I love everything about Autumn. The style, the food, the weather, my birthday, Halloween. The options are endless. Autumn is just such a good season for me, it is when I find myself happiest, even with the stresses of college piling on. I cannot wait for October!

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

Hope you enjoyed this insight into all things Autumn and me! I really enjoyed writing this, it made me excited for the upcoming months. I tag anyone reading this to take a shot at this and think about what it is you love about Autumn and why!

Slán 🙂


Hey guys!

Sorry for the lack of posts in the past two weeks, I started back at university and as it’s my final year it has been pretty hectic so far. I’m hoping to write something every day and have posts lined up to go live when I don’t have inspiration.

This week’s Music Monday is a compilation of all the music I have been loving over the past few weeks!

1. That’s The Spirit – Bring Me The Horizon

This whole album. My god it is amazing, after waiting so long for it I was pleasantly surprised. I am loving this new sound, Oli’s voice sounds incredible and I cannot recommend it enough!

That's The Spirit

2. Beauty Beyond The Madness – The Weeknd

Another album I was highly anticipating and was not disappointed by. My favourites change every day I listen to this album but my current favourites are Dark Times, In The Night, Acquainted and Angel. I cannot get enough of this album.

Beauty Beyond The Madness

3.  Levels – Nick Jonas

When will he stop being so good? His voice makes me melt and his songs are just so catchy!

Levels Nick Jonas

4. Cake By The Ocean – DNCE

Moving from one Jonas brother to the other, Joe Jonas and his new band DNCE dropped their first single Cake By The Ocean the other day and to say it has been on repeat ever single is an understatement. Really loving the new sound and direction Joe has taken on this one!

Cake By The Ocean DNCE

While it isn’t a lot, there are two full albums mentioned here and this is really all I have been listening to for the past few weeks, at least consistently!

Thanks for reading.

Slán 🙂



Hey guys!

I decided to write this post after watching some Youtube videos this morning, if anyone has come across Nicole Arbour’s ‘Dear Fat People’ video, you’ll have also come across multiple response videos. I watched Nicole’s video and while it didn’t upset me, it really upset many people while it angered me. I’m not going to link her video because I don’t want to give her anymore attention than she’s already getting.

I did come across a response video by Kendall Rae, one of my favourite youtubers.

Kendall has suffered with an eating disorder in her life and has been pretty open about it on her youtube channel. She posts incredible videos about body positivity and more people should know of her channel, she is definitely someone I would want my younger sister to look up to.

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 14.41.25

Another Youtuber who I believe makes videos about things that really matter, not that fashion and beauty don’t matter, I just feel that these videos can really make a difference and help people with tough issues. Sarah Rae Vargas is another one of my favourite Youtubers, she is a gorgeous girl and has two beautiful kids that she often includes in her videos. Sarah has a series on her channel titled ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’ something I think is extremely important.

Her videos are informative and not serious, it is not like a Sex Ed lesson in school, her demeanour and the way she presents herself really put the viewers at ease and I believe the videos are really helpful.

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 14.40.53

A Youtuber I really enjoy watching that makes videos in a different style than the previous two but I still believe her videos make a difference is MyMakeupPerspective and especially her health channel MyHealthPerspective. Laura has recently gone on through a lifestyle change and has become extremely healthy, going to the gym, eating great and has lost weight in doing so. There are so many videos on Youtube lately promoting ‘Quick & Easy Weightloss’ and as someone who has also recently changed my lifestyle, eating and exercise habits these videos infuriate me.

There is no quick and easy fix to losing weight correctly, if you did not gain the weight over night/the course of a week, you cannot lose all that weight in that small amount of time. It takes time and dedication, something Laura makes known in her videos and also on her snapchat (LaurasViews). I really recommend her channels if you are into beauty, fitness or if you just want to watch an incredibly amazing and funny Irish Youtuber!

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 14.54.41 Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 14.55.04

While it is not a long long list, if I listed every single favourite Youtuber we would be here for years and the post would be pages long, these are three Youtubers I would like to recommend, while Kendall and Sarah both are heavy on body positivity, Sarah’s sex positive series is something that sets her channel apart and Laura’s love of health and fitness is inspiring. Thanks so much for reading!

Slán 🙂


  1. Lean On – Major Lazer & DJ Snake (feat. MØ) 

I have been searching for some good workout songs for when I go running (I go running now?) and this is perfect. Obviously it isn’t brand new, but since when are my Music Monday posts full of brand new tracks!

Major Lazer - LeanOn

2.  Jealous (Remix) – Nick Jonas ft. Tinashe

I loved this song the second it came out but for some reason I just recently discovered the remix with Tinashe and it is so amazing. I think I even prefer this version to the original? Her voice adds something amazing to it!

Jealous Remix - Nick Jonas

3. Hell Of A Night – Dustin Lynch 

Just listen to it. Such a catchy country song!

Hell of a Night - Dustin Lynch

Unfortunately that’s all I have this week. I haven’t found any new songs I’ve loved majorly, I have definitely been listening to the same things for the past two weeks! I don’t ever want to just put in songs to make a post longer, I will only recommend what I love!

Hope you enjoyed!

Slán 🙂